“You got to see this player as his guitar slide and scream and cream!!!!!”
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“Elmore Jame one of the baddest ass slide guitar player from the Mississippi and raising hell in Chicago”
Otis Green - Otis Blogs
“This is the king of the slide guitar son Elmore James Jr”
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Regarded as one of the blues masters of his time, Elmore James left us way to early, however not before passing on his legacy and unique style of playing and strong vocals to his son Elmore James Jr.


The Broom Dusters

Elmore James, Jr. (born Earnest Johnson on August 21, 1939) is the undisputed son of the legendary bluesman, Elmore James and restaurateur, Nora Mae Johnson. Though he grew up down south, Earnest was taught to play and sing when his famous father would occasionally visit their hometown, Richmond, Mississippi. Sometimes the young Earnest would even hop a train to see his Dad in the Windy City.

After reaping financial success from his hit record Dust My Broom, Elmore James, Sr. returned south to give Earnest and Nora Mae some money and a 1951 Cadillac. At this time, Earnest was singing and drumming with Johnnie Temple and Willie Nix.

Tragically, 1963 saw Elmore James die from a sudden heart attack. Two years later, Earnest made the inevitable move north to follow in his father’s musical footsteps. Upon arrival in Chicago, Earnest immediately looked up Willie Dixon from an address furnished by Johnnie Temple.

Dixon was impressed enough to offer to record him, then suggested changing his then-current stage name from “Earnest Jr. - Mr. Soul” to “Elmore James, Jr.”. For a various reasons, a session never did materialize; partially because Dixon’s desired session axe-man, Louis Myers, was out of town at the time.From 1969 through the late 1970’s, Elmore James, Jr. spent his days working at the Tender Crust Bakery and his evenings as featured vocalist with The Aces at the famed Theresa’s Lounge and Ma Bea’s Lounge.

Elmore eventually wound up recording in the 1970’s for CJ Records, but even those sessions never saw the light of day. Later, accompanied by the excellent Sam Myers, Big Bad Smitty and Johnny Littlejohn, Elmore finally recorded for Johnny Vincent’s Legendary Ace label. Four of those thirty songs got pressed and can now be found on a 1999 CD called “Genuine Mississippi Blues… Plus” on the Westside Records out of the U.K. Elmore also released a live CD in 2005


The BroomDusters

Elmore James Jr. and the Broom Dusters have been delighting audiences around the midwest and eastcoast  for over a decade.

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Elmore James Jr.  the son of Elmore James is quickly becoming a legend in his own right

His blazing slide guitar playing and exceptional soulful vocals  has captured the hearts and minds of many blues experts around the world.


Elmore James was known for being the king of the slide guitar. Revered for his"Dust My Broom" riff the biggest slide guitarist in postwar blues was a major link between traditional delta blues  and modern Chicago blues.

Elmore James has passed that legacy on to his son Elmore James Jr.

 Still, Elmore James  Jr. brings his own unique sound onto the stage.



Elmore James Jr.

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